Allow your visitors to watch the markets unfold in real-time!

Your Website users are able to stay on top of the stock- and OTC-markets and make the best out of their investments. Track securities, minute by minute and trade by trade. RTChart let you customers stay informed as the action happens, like having their own personal seat on the exchange!

This browser enabled and interactive charting component shows the development of the markets and instruments in streaming data mode. As in professional market data and trading solutions the RTChart updates as the action happens....

See our live demo to see what you get!

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Streaming Intraday and Historic charts

No boring static charts in your website anymore! State-of-the-art web technology enables you to provide your visitors and customers with professional pushed realtime streaming Charts.

Eye catching chart visualisation

"An image tells more than tousand words." There is no doubt that the high-impact, interactive and dynamic RTchart takes this, often used statement, to the next level...

Highly configurable Push-Chart application

To increase ROI we wanted to be sure that the chart application can be used in different settings and for multiple purposes. Therefore the application is highly configurable. Configuration instead of implementation!

Advanced application and data caching

we use an advanced methods of application and market data caching. After RTchart is loaded once on an Internet domain, only compressed market data is downloaded via the internet.

vwd QuoteCast

RTChart is optimized for use with the advanced and AJAX based vwd QuoteCast engine. The vwd Quotecast engine guaranties high performance data publish- and subscribe mechanism for pushed real time, neartime and delayed market data. Since the data delivery is based (http/https) AJAX, there is no need worry about firewall and proxy settings.

Years of hands-on experience

The chart is designed speciafically for use in private and public internet sites. Olimax has years of experience in designing and developing high-end market data solutions for financial institutions. Use this experience for your benifit and make a difference! Your customers will apreciate it.